Thursday, February 09, 2006

Soul Gardening

Hi. I've created this account so that I can post comments on other Blogspot sites.

I actually blog on the Typepad platform and you can find me at

Here are a few things about me to get you started.

1. I have two cats that I treat like my children., but not in a weird, dress them up in baby clothes kind of way
2. I never have an umbrella when I need one
3. I don’t wear a watch
4. I have a hard time saying no
5. I’m really good at interior decorating
6. I am agnostic
7. My favorite writers are David Sedaris, Margaret Atwood and Kaye Gibbons
8. I floss my teeth every day
9. I love to cook but hate following a recipe
10. I enjoy public speaking, especially to large crowds and especially if I’m teaching something
11. I am a PADI certified Scuba diver
12. I hate conflict and will avoid it at any cost
13. I can’t abide injustice of any kind
14. I am an introvert
15. I am highly perceptive
16. I am also very observant
17. My favorite drink is a Bombay Sapphire and tonic in the summer and a big glass of cab or syrah in the winter
18. I don’t get nearly enough exercise
19. I’m afraid of spiders, even daddy long legs, which aren't really spiders and aren't dangerous
20. I hate to be cold; if it’s below 60 degrees, I’m cold. Sadly,it only gets consistently above 60 degrees where I live 4 months out of the year.
21. I’m sentimental but not about objects
22. I am very impatient
23. I am a procrastinator to the extreme, you’d think that would be mutually exclusive with being impatient, but what can I say. I guess I'm also a hypocrite.
24. My Meyers-Briggs Type is INFJ
25. I don’t like pies made with fruit, except pumpkin. Is pumpkin a fruit?
26. I love concerts and live music
27. If I could be the best in the world at one thing, I would choose singing
28. I changed the spelling of my first name in the fourth grade. I thought it needed more flair, but now, I’m not so sure and I think I’m stuck with it.
29. If I could pick any career to be wildly successful at I would pick marine research
30. I am very clumsy
31. I cry at concerts, movies, TV shows and even commercials and movie previews
32. I am a goofball and not afraid to make an ass out of myself. Sometimes I do it on purpose, but mostly it just happens naturally
33. I have insomnia. I'v had it since I was a little girl.
34. I secretly wish I could dance like a stripper and sometimes practice in front of the mirror
35. I’ve been married once before, for five years.
36. My hair is naturally curly
37. When I eat shrimp, I eat the tails… it’s fiber. I only eat my own shrimp tails, so don't offer me your nasty half chewed tails. That's just gross.
38. I have never had my own office at work. Currently I have a large cubicle with high walls and a window, but no door.
39. I have a problem with authority and rules
40. I look a lot younger than I am
41. I have had the profound and life-changing experiences of cutting a newborn's umbilical cord and holding someone's hand as they died. I've never written about either of them
42. I have been to 35 of the 50 states and have lived in 10 states
43. I am pro choice
44. I’m fairly non-judgmental
45. I swear too much
46. If I could change one thing about my physical appearance, I’d like to be 3 inches taller, but mostly I'm happy with how I look
47. I don’t hold grudges
48. I believe in true love
49. I can’t stand Kevin Costner, Al Pacino or Denzel Washington and rarely watch their movies, although I did enjoy Bull Durham, Field of Dreams and The Godfather trilogy
50. I don’t like modern musicals like Chicago and Moulin Rouge and refuse to watch them, but give me Doris Day, or Fred Astaire and I'm all over it.
51. I admire self awareness, emotional intelligence and kindness in others
52. I am a Gemini and the characteristics fit me, except for their gregarious nature
53. I am ambivalent about capital punishment
54. I am not quick to anger, but when I get angry I have a bad temper
55. I get mammograms every year, even though I am below the age for which they are necessary
56. I like to sit by the window on airplanes
57. I have a good imagination and a rich inner life, maybe too rich for my own good sometimes.
58. I want to be a mother someday. This hasn’t always been true.
59. I have a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Communication and am (sort of)working in my chosen field
60. I dislike selfishness and rudeness
61. I like to make people laugh, especially my husband J because his laugh is contagious
62. I have two tattoos that are meaningful reminders to me
63. I am very prompt
64. My favorite flowers are gardenias
65. I love things that smell good… candles, potpourri, incense
66. I can list the 50 United States in less than 30 seconds. It's a great party trick.
67. I believe in an afterlife, although I haven't decided what it is exactly
68. I’m afraid of getting cancer
69. I taught myself to swim
70. I don’t know how to roller blade… see #30
71. I never balance my checkbook
72. I try not to form opinions about things I don’t know about
73. I love giving presents
74. I am shy
75. I’m a fast learner
76. I’m very independent
77. I would like to get a PhD someday
78. I love zombie movies
79. I know a lot of useless trivia
80. I hate to iron and never do it. If it needs to be ironed, I don’t wear it
81. I love seafood of any kind
82. I hate the suburbs. It's like a slow death
83. I’m not a morning person
84. I’m too hard on myself
85. I hate uncertainty
86. I believe in second chances
87. My family of choice is extremely important to me
88. I am a bargain shopper and a coupon clipper
89. I don’t collect anything
90. I hate being called “cute”, but I know I’m stuck with it because I’m so short – 5`3”
91. I make the best soups
92. I think OJ, Michael Jackson and Scott Peterson are guilty
93. I like to ride horses
94. I get horrible migraines from MSG
95. It takes me an hour to get ready in the morning because I have to use so many lotions on my skin due to a skin condition. Seriously, it’s like 5 kinds of lotion!
96. I am not very athletic
97. I wish I were bilingual and plan to take language classes again someday
98. I’m little, but I’m feisty
99. I believe in living your life for yourself, letting others do the same and not taking anything for granted.
And… 100. I can truly say I am content and happy with my life as it is today, but there is always room for improvement